Jyllands-Posten zur Zukunft der Liebe

Sarah Kott von der dänischen Zeitung Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten stellte Oliver Bendel im Mai 2017 einige Fragen zu Sexrobotern und Robotersex. So wollte sie wissen, wie sehr dieser dem Zusammensein mit Menschen ähnelt. Die Antwort lautete: „It depends on what we will do with the robots and in which situations. In the twilight, provided a fertile imagination, stimulation and penetration could be similar. There are promising approaches and experiments with artificial flesh and artificial skin … some love dolls are extremely lifelike, and they could pass a ‚daylight test‘ without any problems. Therefore, tactile and optical requirements can be met. The voice seems to be a bigger problem. But in recent years, scientists and engineers have achieved major progress in the field of speech synthesis. 10 – 20 minutes of speech samples are enough, at least according to the promises, to imitate an individual voice in any kind of statement. Individual voices could be implanted in sex robots. During longer absences of a partner they might substitute the partner also acoustically. Furthermore, popular voices of film and porn stars could be used.“ Statements aus dem Interview sind in dem Artikel „Hvor havner dine hemmelige sexfantasier, når den fortrolige er en robot?“ enthalten, der am 9. Juli 2017 erschienen ist (auch online verfügbar).

Abb.: Über die Zukunft der Liebe wird allerorten diskutiert

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