Schlagworte: Communication

The Effects of Voices

The University of Potsdam dedicates its current research to voices. The scientists – among them Dr. Yuefang Zhou and Katharina Kühne – are studying the first impression during communication. The survey website says: „The current study will last approximately 20 minutes. You will be asked some questions about the voice you hear. Please answer them honestly and spontaneously. There are no right or wrong answers; we are interested in your subjective perception. Just choose one out of the suggested alternatives.“ Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel, FHNW School of Business, has produced three of the samples and participates in the project. „Your responses will be treated confidentially and your anonymity will be ensured. Your responses cannot be identified and related to you as an individual, if you choose to leave your e-mail address at the end of the study this cannot be linked back to your responses. All responses will be compiled together and analysed as a group.“ The questionnaire can be accessed via

Fig.: The effects of voices