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Ethics of UAS

Das Department of Aerospace Engineering der Pennsylvania State University ( schreibt eine „Faculty position in Engineering and Ethics of Unmanned Aircraft Systems“ aus. Zu den Unmanned Aircraft Systems gehören Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, ferngesteuerte oder (teil-)autonome Drohnen. In der Annonce, die zur Verfügung gestellt wurde, heißt es: „The research area represented by this search could be viewed as a special aspect of a broader one at the intersection of robotics, autonomy, and ethics. Applicants must have an earned doctorate in aerospace engineering or a related field; at least one degree in aerospace engineering or related experience is preferred.“ Der Leiter der Einrichtung, Professor George A. Lesieutre, nennt auf Nachfrage mögliche Forschungsfragen: „For what purposes should we deploy such vehicles, (or not) and what decisions should we permit them to make on our behalf?“ Weitere Informationen über