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Machine Ethics and Machine Law

In Krakau findet vom 18. bis 19. November 2016 die internationale Konferenz „Machine Ethics and Machine Law“ statt. Der Untertitel lautet „Interdisciplinary perspectives on moral and legal issues in artificial agents“. Auf der Website ist zu lesen: „AI systems have become an important part of our everyday lives. What used to be a subject of science fiction novels and movies has trespassed into the realm of facts. Our machines are tasked with ever more autonomous decisions that directly impact on the well-being of humans. This leads directly to the question: What are the ethical and legal limitations of those artificial agents? It is clear that some constraints should be imposed; both the unintended and often unforeseen negative consequences of the technological progress, as well as speculative and frightening views of the future portrayed in the works of fiction, leave no doubt that there ought to be some guidelines. The problem is to work out these constraints in a reasonable manner so that machine can be a moral and legal agent.“ (Website der Konferenz) Weitere Informationen über und