Next Frontiers

„The ‚Next Frontiers‘ conference will bring scientists and science fiction authors into contact. Different sciences getting into interdisciplinary conversations plus authors of fiction offering new, even revolutionary perspectives will open up the territory for new visions of the future. The conference aims at surmounting old, dysfunctional patterns of thinking. Central to this is the reality transforming potential of literature, film and other arts, and the huge contribution of fictional world building to real scientific and technological breakthroughs.“ This is the introductory text for a conference to be held in Stuttgart from 27 to 29 June 2019. The opening lecture will be given by the information and machine ethicist Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel. He is going to talk about approaches and artifacts of machine ethics. The writer Andreas Brandhorst will then give an introduction to artificial intelligence. On the panel they both will discuss with the journalist Constantin Schnell. Further information via

Fig.: A spaceship

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