Die perfekte Maschine

Julie Rambal interviewte Oliver Bendel für Le Temps. Das Thema waren Sexroboter und Robotersex. Sie fragte danach, ob es möglich ist, weiterhin einen unperfekten Menschen zu lieben, wenn wir uns eine perfekte Maschine leisten können. Wäre diese nicht eine starke Konkurrenz? Die Anwort lautete: „At the moment, we do not have the perfect machine. On the one hand, there are many love dolls which look good but which have limited capacities. On the other hand, we have some sex robots which look strange but which have extended options. A perfect sex machine could be possible in 20, 30 years. It would have perfect skin, perfect flesh, perfect language capabilities. It would read every wish from our eyes. If this would happen, the machine would be a tough competition, that’s true. But I can imagine that there will be a new trend in the future: real sex with real men and women.“ Eine andere Frage war, ob Sexroboter das Verlangen verändern könnten. Die Antwort: „Of course, new types of desire could arise. Love dolls and sex robots could be a chance to identify the hidden individual needs and wishes of oneself and one’s partner. We have a long history of ideas regarding artificial women and men: think of the Golden Virgins or Golden Maids, of Pandora and Galatea, think of Talos, the guardian of Crete Island, or of the Golem. Perhaps also Pinocchio is a sex fantasy? Now serious again: Perhaps our real desire is not focussed on only one person, not only on a real human. I don’t think that sex robots themselves imply a liberation – but maybe the thinking about them.“ Der Artikel vom 25. März 2017 mit Aussagen von Oliver Bendel kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

Abb.: Ist das die perfekte Maschine?

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